Online Shopping Tips That Will Help You SAVE

Let’s lay it out on the table. The internet is a dangerous place for avid shoppers like myself. You have access to every possible retailer and brand, and adding things to your cart is just too simple. Through trial and error, I have been able to figure out ways to save and still get the pieces that I want. It’s possible, trust me. These tips may seem minimal when you actually apply them, but over time it really helps. I feel as if it’s my duty, from one shopping addict to another, to share how I have been saving.

Tip # 1: Sign up for Email Subscriptions 

You may get excessive emails on the daily, but they are totally worth it in the end. Once you subscribe to a retailer’s email service, you are the first to know of any sales they have, any promotions, and events. Not to mention, most of the time when you subscribe to an email service, they send you a promotion code for your first purchase. USE THAT CODE. Also, don’t forget to check if the code expires. You don’t want to waste that opportunity to save more money on those shoes you want!

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Tip # 2: Now Introducing Ebates… 

Oh, Ebates…doesn’t give the instant gratification of money saved, but you’ll get a little cheque in the mail every so often, so nothing wrong with that! It’s better than nothing. Ebates is a website that offers coupon codes and cash back opportunities for certain companies. Companies include The Hudson Bay, Amazon, Sephora, and they all offer different percentages back that can be up to 40%! That’s actually insane! Just look up the retailer you are purchasing from through Ebates, and it will automatically direct you to their site and apply the cash back at your checkout. You are able to get your BIG FAT CHECK every three months through PayPal, or a check form sends directly to your mailbox. Also, they send you email updates of unreal cashback opportunities. Pretty good, huh?

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Tip # 3: Take Advantage of Shopping Apps

There are two online shopping apps I make sure to always check when I’m buying things from online. First off, we have Shoptagr. Shoptagr is kind of like your personal shopping assistant. This free app keeps you in the loop for when your favorite pieces go on sale and when they are back in stock. Simply, when you go onto the website of your choice, you can click the Shoptagr app at the top of your Google Chrome Page (I’m not sure if this app connects with other internet servers), and it will give you the option to add whatever you want to your Shoptagr list. When that piece goes on sale or its back in stock, you will be the first to know! This is amazing to keep in mind because it can really help motivate you to only purchase something when it’s on sale. If you don’t need it right away, then why not?

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The second app is Honey. Honey will pop up when your about to go to checkout, and will automatically apply coupon codes or cashback options to your checkout. To be completely honest with you, this has worked mostly for me when applying cashback options. When it comes to coupon codes, its hard to find a valid one since coupon codes are typically only valid for a certain period of time so I haven’t had much luck with the coupon code portion of Honey, but I have faith!

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Tip # 4: Use Google to Find the Most Affordable Option for You!

You may think that the retailer you are visiting is giving you the best price for what you want, but you never know until you Google search it! Double check that you are getting the best price by writing into Google the brand and style you are looking for and Google will give you the retailers that are selling what you want online and the prices they are going for. It’s an extra step but it could really help you save a couple bucks!

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Tip # 5: Let Them Chill in the Cart for a While

I know it’s hard to not press the “confirm order” button after checkout but this trick is really worth a try. Sometimes when you leave a piece in your cart for a while, roughly a few hours, some retailers will send you promotion codes to your email to motivate you to actually make the purchase. Now, it’s nothing crazy typically and only a select few do this (pst… Kate Spade does this). Let me know if you’ve ever tried this and which retailer gave you a promo code in the comments!

Tip #6: Check the Return Policy Before Making any Purchases

If I need to pay for a return, I will not buy from that specific retailer online. Personally, I think since you are buying from home and you most likely did not go to the store to try it on in the first place, you should not be paying for returning it if the piece doesn’t work out for you. This tip has really helped me save on silly postage fees. Make sure to double check the return policy for online purchases and check to see if they will provide a postage stamp for you. A lot of retailers will, such as Zara and Urban Outfitters, so make sure to keep a look out!

Those are my tips for you! I hope that was super helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips for saving money while online shopping. Us shopping addicts have to stick together! Talk soon.

xo. Cristina



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