Glossier: Is it Worth the Hype?

It’s official: Glossier now ships to Canada, and thank goodness. For the last year, all I have been hearing people rave about is Glossier and all of their amazing, natural products. I’ve been wanting to get my taste of this brand for a while but could not get close enough to touch it! When I found out two weeks ago that they were officially shipping to Canada, I was STOKED! Naturally, once I received the products, I decided to do a first impressions video, obviously. If you’re curious about what I thought about every single product I purchased, watch the video down below! On the blog today, I wanted to touch base quickly on what my favorite products were, and what I would DEFINITELY not purchase again.

Boy Brow

Note to self: ALWAYS start on a high note! I cannot say enough amazing things about the Boy Brow! This creamy wax formula is perfect for quickly swiping through your brows and running out the door! With four shades available (I purchased the brown shade), this product is capable of filling in your brows and having them stay in place without them flaking! AMAZING! I have tried so many brow products in the past, one being the Givenchy Mister Groom Brow, and they tend to make my brows incredibly stiff and start to flake throughout the day. This product does not make your eyebrows stiff and it gives the most perfect, feathered look! I’m IN LOVE!

FullSizeRender (2)

Generation G Matte Lipstick

Let me start this off by saying I’m not a lipstick person. I try to be but I’m just too lazy to re-apply it during the day, to be completely honest with you. Somehow, the Generation G lipstick has crept up onto my favorites list. First of all, this lipstick is SUPER COMFORTABLE- I could barely tell I was wearing anything. It may also be because I loaded up on the lip balm before hand, but I mean duh (one who is obsessed with lip balm and reapplies it a million times a day tends to do that before any application). With six shades (I got the shade “cake”- a subtle peachy nude), each one has the ability to leave the look of just blotted lips. It gives your lips that wash of color you may be looking for on days where you just don’t feel like wearing anything but could use something! The shade “Cake” worked as a “your lip color but better” shade for me, so that was a bonus. I’m so happy that I decided to buy this!


Stretch Concealer

I really, really wanted to like this. When I saw the Stretch Concealer on their website, I had an instant understanding that perhaps this would be the perfect concealer to put on when you don’t want to wear anything else on your face. With a concealer that you want to wear without anything else on your face, you want something somewhat light, and moves with your skin, like this concealer, claims to do. This formula states that it has a buildable coverage, however, I found that when I layered it and would blend it in, it would disappear into nothing, leaving it to cover absolutely nothing. Covering nothing at all really defeats the purpose of a concealer. I do want to say that it does move with your skin, and doesn’t cake up which is really nice. However, it just seemed very unnecessary if it wasn’t doing what it should be doing-concealing.


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Those are my thoughts on a few of the Glossier products! For more info, watch the video down below and check out the Glossier website. Glossier is such an awesome brand with products that are usable for every day and that you will actually reach for. I really recommend checking them out. 🙂

xoxo. cristina

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