Wedding Planning 101: Choosing a Bridal Party

Welcome to a new series on my blog and channel all about Wedding planning! I’ve wanted to start this a while ago actually, but I figured I would wait until I went through all the ups and downs to actually share my tips and advice. There are so many things that go into planning a wedding that I never realized until this year. Whether it’s choosing a venue to when I shopped for a wedding dress, it could all get really stressful really quickly! This new series is going to be all about tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning your special day. Now, onto the first battle that I wanted to discuss…

Now, you would think that the first order of business in this series would be along the lines of “How to Create a Budget for your Wedding” or “How to Choose a Venue” (these are all coming, don’t you worry). However, I thought I would start off with something that was on my mind before I was engaged at all. I got engaged in August of 2016, and before my Fiance decided to pop the question, I knew it was coming somewhat soon. Since I was aware that I may be engaged soon, I started to pre-plan some key things, such as who I wanted to be a part of my bridal party.

Something like choosing who you want to stand by your side, on unarguably the most important day of your life, is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Personally, I really tried to keep in mind the closeness I had with each person, and the level of friendship I had with them. My Bridal Party consists of friends that have been by my side for years, as well as friends that no matter what was to happen, I know I can always count on them. My Bridal Party consists of individuals that have been through thick and thin with me, and have helped mold me into the person I am today. Linked down below is my first addition to my new series, “Wedding Planning 101” on my YouTube channel. Check it out if you want to hear some tips and advice about choosing your bridal party.

Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed as well as I hope I was able to help with any concerns you were having about choosing your bridal party. Talk soon!

xx. cristina


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