5 Spring Trends You Should Be Playing With This Season

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to venture off to your favorite stores and play with some new trends! With the roller coaster that Spring has brought us thus far, I have been really craving my favorite floral pieces and lighter jackets. Luckily for us, brands have really been hearing our cries and are showcasing trends all over the map! Below are the trends I am falling into and purchasing this season.

Basket Bags

To me, these bags SCREAM Spring and Summer. Ever since last Summer, I’ve had these bags on my mind. Basket bags have been a huge trend for the last three years, and this year I’ve been seeing round basket bags everywhere. Picture this: white linen pants, with a tucked in button-down shirt, your favorite pair of mules, and a basket bag. You can’t get more Spring then that. Every it-girl has one and it’s time you take part in the trend.

Statement Tops & Sleeves

Whether it’s a cold shoulder, a sideways collar, a bright color, or a print, statement tops are all the talks this Spring season. With the weather finally getting warmer, it’s time to put away the turtlenecks, and spice up our style with something a bit more out there. A personal favorite statement shirt of mine is a ruched sleeve in a beautiful pastel color. As much as I would love to sport a bold color, I don’t know if it’s for me. What statement top will you be sporting this season?

Matching Sets

God, I love matching sets! First of all, you get an endless amount of outfits with a matching set. You can use the top and pant separately or together. I also find that matching sets make you look so put together. You can put zero thought into your outfit and look bomb. dot. com. Instead of the easy, go-to classic white tee and jeans, go for a matching set! It’s just as easy.

A buzzkill that comes along with this trend is that a lot of stores sell the matching pieces separately, and it could get rather expensive pretty quickly. If you still want to play around with this trend and not break the bank, Boohoo has some amazing sets that you don’t have to buy separately for an incredible price!

Retro Sunnies

Sunglasses can be a little iffy, just because certain styles suit certain face shapes and such. Retro sunnies are SO INCREDIBLY IN RIGHT NOW ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. (sorry for yelling-I’m just so excited). It’s amazing what you can do to an outfit, just by amping up the accessories. Sunglasses are definitely one of those pieces that you can use to spice up your outfits. One of my fave retro sunnies is the cat eyes style!

Wide Leg Pants

We have been seeing Wide Leg pants all over the place for the last couple of years, especially in denim form (a personal favorite of mine). Wide Leg Pants are a great replacement for the go-to trousers or denim that’s in your closet. There also a piece in your wardrobe that can be rocked at the office or after hours. Picture this: a beige linen pair of wide legged pants, a white button down, a fedora and mules. Like…common? Need I say more?

What are some trends you’re looking forward to trying this season? Let me know in the comments. Have a great weekend, loves!
xx. cristina.


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