Mother’s Day Gift Guide

So…whatcha getting for Mom? She literally gave you life, so try not to just run to the drugstore and pick up a card. From the mama who loves fashion, to the mama who insists on no gifts at all, I got you covered. It’s time to really dig deep and think about what she would absolutely love!

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For The Fashionista |  When it comes to fashion, there are certain things that I try to stray away from for gifts. For me, buying someone jeans and a few other pieces of clothing are off limits. With sizes and styles, it could get a little bit difficult, and end up in a return on their end. I try to stick to getting the classics such as loafers or dainty hoop earrings. Want to do something a little more different? How about a subscription box such as Rocksbox or Le Tote. Get your mom started on a subscription so that she can get a dose of fashion monthly.

For The Beauty Lover |  Whether it’s a perfume set, or you create a set of your own with a bunch of skincare goodies, your mom is going to love it and definitely get so much use out of whatever it is that you decide. If a set of some sort isn’t what you had in mind, book your mom an appointment at the spa for a facial or massage. Once again, subscription boxes are great for beauty and skincare lovers. There are so many beauty subscriptions out there such as Scentbird (you can get a new designer fragrance every single month) or Birchbox (a personalized set of beauty, skincare, and haircare products based on what you love). How amazing is that?

For The Tech Nerd | When it comes to tech gifts, it could get pretty pricey insanely quickly. Depending on your budget, I would definitely stick to more of an accessory for a tech product Mom already has such as a phone case, or headphones, as opposed to a new IPad.

For The Foodie | There are so many great options when it comes to finding a gift for someone who really loves food. Besides even more subscription boxes (there are subscription boxes that will literally deliver wine to you once a month so….need I say more?), signing your mom up for food delivery services such as Hello Fresh is something super easy and fun! Perhaps when your mom gets her first delivery, you can tag along and help out? Fun and yummy!

For The Mom, Who Insists On No Gifts At All | Ah yes…your mom doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. You were handed the well-intentioned “You don’t have to get me anything!” or “Save your money!” response. This could make things a lot more difficult, I know. When it comes to the mom who insists on no gifts at all, I would go for something a bit more sentimental or something that you know they need and will use. For example, if your mom is always lighting candles and using diffusers, I would pick up a bundle from Jo Malone or their favorite candle brand. How about planning a mini getaway or lunch date for you and your mom, and throw in a mini scrapbook of photos from your favorite moments together while you’re at it! She will appreciate the thought so much. There are a lot of options out there, so just dig a little deeper and don’t get stressed! And please, do not go empty-handed to Mother’s day because your mom said no to gifts.

So… what’s on the agenda for Mother’s Day this year? My husband and I have a crazy busy day on Sunday with brunch and dinner plans. It’ll be a fun packed day filled with lots of love just for our favorite ladies. Let me know in the comments what your plans are and keep a look out on my Instagram for my #ootd and all the food😏. #blessed.

xx. Cristina.


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