5 Tips You Should Keep In Mind When Packing For Your Summer Vacay

About a week ago, I came home from my (feels like) long overdue honeymoon. My husband and I were in the City of Angels (and a few other cities), finally. All that played out in my head my entire flight was The OC theme song (typical millennials’ response while en route to Cali, right?).

A couple of days before leaving, I was in the midst of brainstorming a few content ideas for while I was gone and all I could think about was how I really needed to start packing and how I should probably get a list together. I’m someone who used to literally pack the night before for all of my trips. Yes, I was that person who packed for a 3-week trip the night before leaving. I love to live dangerously, what can I say?  Admit it. You do the exact same thing. As I cringe at my old ways while writing this, I know that packing that way was not efficient and can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re running low on socks (obvi that happened to me). For the last little while now, I have lived off of these five tips to get me through packing.


  1. Roll your clothes or invest in packing cubes| Yes, you will totally still get some wrinkles in your clothes, and that’s what a steamer is for. Rolling your clothes will honestly, save so much space in your suitcase. I know of people who have traveled for two weeks and have put all of there clothing in there carry on luggage, using this trick. It sounds like some magician shit but it’s definitely possible. Anything that is made of thinner material should be rolled, for sure. Overall, it just makes the entire process of stacking and reaching for your favorite top that much easier. If you are someone who travels a lot more or just needs that extra bit of organization during your travel prep, packing cubes are an amazing investment. One cube can have all of your t-shirts, another with all of your undergarments, you get the drill. It will still help with saving space, while still remaining organized.
  2. Preplan every outfit| Talk about overthinking, am I right? Well, I mean that’s what packing is. Bring pieces that are easy to wear with a few other pieces that your packing. Do you have a favorite band tee that you want to bring? Perfect- that’s a piece you can easily wear with your jean shorts, your favorite blazer, or those culottes you were planning on wearing to dinner one night. I like to keep in mind that I will probably need around two outfits a day. Tip: Take photos in your outfits so you know exactly what you’re going to wear prior to packing. You can easily reference those pictures while you’re gone so your not left wondering what the heck you’re going to wear with those linen pants you brought along.
  3. Write a checklist including all of your necessities| Creating a checklist with the item you need and how much of it will help make sure you don’t miss a thing! It’s those small things that seem like common sense that is often almost forgotten. I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve almost left my contacts or my passport behind. Insurance? Cash? Chargers? Those are just a few necessities that you want to make sure you put down on your checklist, just in case! Grab a pen and get to writing!
  4. Use your personal item wisely| I often put my accessories in my personal bag, along with any tech stuff I’m bringing along. Really take advantage of the bag size that the airline states can be considered your personal bag. I’ve brought along a carry on with a bigger bag, which allowed for anything that’s last minute or can’t fit in my suitcase to still join me on my trip. I’ll often put a purse inside a purse as well so that I can bring more accessories (in case you’re like me and have to bring multiple purses with you because duh). Your Tetris skills may come in handy for this one.
  5. Wear your thickest clothing on the plane & layer! | I mean, besides the fact that planes are often freezing, layering on travel day will help save even more space in your suitcase. If you need to bring a jean jacket with you on your trip, wear that on the plan, along with your hoodie. Of course, ultimately, you want to be comfortable on the plane right, but if you don’t mind layering, this is definitely something that’s super helpful.


Where are you heading next? I’m hoping that in a few months that NYC will be in the cards. God, I miss that city. Let me know in the comments if your planning on traveling anywhere this summer. Happy traveling!




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  1. July 11, 2018 / 2:03 pm

    Great ideas, of course. You know I’m a fan of lists..;lol
    My next trip? Well you know where I’m hoping to go…..<3

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