How to Get the Most Perfect Beach Waves

There is nothing I hate more than styling my hair. Now, that’s a pretty harsh statement, but oh my goodness it takes a forever to style my hair. It takes a flipping village when I go get my hair done. I try to stick to washing my hair once to twice a week to avoid the whole cabockle.

My hair naturally dries differently every time. One day I’ll have random bends with an unruly cowlick, and another will consist of a mix of straight hair and ringlets. You never know what you’re getting when it comes to naturally drying my hair, which is why I LIVE for my Beachwaver-it’s the only consistent thing in my hair’s life. (Not kidding at all, I’ve dyed my hair a million times with random chops in between). The Beachwaver is the absolute most simple curling iron to operate (none of them are really rocket science, I get it, but this one is, like SUPER EASY and perfect for lazy people, like myself). I’m able to achieve the most stunning waves with never any disappointment. I’ve had both longer and shorter hair, and this curling wand has worked wonders on both. Want to see it in action? Let me know in the comments if you’re dying to try this curling iron! I was so excited when I first got it 🙈


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