Wedding Planning 101: How to Keep Calm During Planning

Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved, whether you are the bride and groom’s family or your a guest who has 5+ weddings this year. Let’s get one thing clear though:  no one feels the stress of a wedding more than the bride and groom do. Stress can make you say and do crazy things sometimes, hence how the term bridezilla came about. That one little detail can set the bride off, especially considering all the other stressors she has to go through. But here’s the exciting part… you don’t have to be a bridezilla. You can even get through the wedding planning process and the wedding day itself with very minimal stress, actually. It’s true, and here’s how:

Always Prioritize The first big thing on your list of “how to stay calm” is to prioritize. Really think of what it is that you truly want on your wedding day and from this entire experience. Make sure to be realistic when it comes to picking and choosing things to keep at the top of your list. A huge tip from me is to create a mood board of literally everything that you would want on your wedding day, a grand list perhaps. From there, narrow it down to things that you truly do want, with of course having a reality check here and there. Never forget that it is your day, and ultimately, you should have a lot of what you hoped and dreamed for come true.


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Create BoundariesIf you are working with others when it comes to planning your big day, I HIGHLY recommend creating boundaries right from the beginning. Once you are in the midst of planning, a lot of people in your life will be sharing their opinions, which is great, but sometimes some people feel incredibly entitled. Having a mutual understanding of the fact that it’s your day, and ultimately what the bride and groom are prioritizing should be of the utmost importance. For my gals who are grateful to have the financial help of their parents during this process, make sure to understand that their opinions truly do matter as they are helping you put this shindig together, so please do keep that in mind when it comes to creating boundaries with them. Tip: Organize a meeting at the beginning of the planning process with anyone who is assisting you with planning, and lay it all out on the table of priorities that you have, what would be crossing the line, what they are hoping for, etc.

Be EmpatheticWeddings involve SO.MANY.EMOTIONS. You’re going to be excited, anxious, stressed, and so much more. Oh, and this isn’t just you who are going to feel these emotions. Your family and some of your friends may feel a thing or two during your planning. It’s so important to be empathetic to others, especially when they are sharing their opinions and how they feel. Make sure to recognize how they are feeling, understand what they are saying, and react accordingly. Please don’t be a female dog because they are expressing that they do not like the bridesmaid dresses that you pick. Like I’ve said for the thousandth time, ultimately you have the final say in what happens, so make sure that you definitely acknowledge how others are feeling, and react accordingly. Share how you feel as well, and stand your ground. Make sure that there is a mutual understanding and try to be kind, please.

Become The Dream TeamIt’s you and your hubby against the world! And that starts now. Make sure that you both have each other’s backs when it comes to the whole planning thing. It can be so easy to go ahead and agree with your mom or dad because they know best, but NEWSFLASH: you are not marrying them. A wedding is so much more than what flowers you end up using and how they are arranged. It’s time to start having babe’s back.


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Take Those Well-Deserved Breaks | The good old wedding talk during absolutely every encounter you have with a human…oh I remember those well. I also remember how old the topic got. It’s completely understandable: your loved ones are excited for you! Getting married is a huge milestone. However, always talking about the wedding can also be incredibly stressful for the bride and groom. I get it. Remember to take well-deserved breaks from talking about your wedding and all the planning. Whenever the wedding was brought up, and I didn’t want to talk about it, I would cut the conversation very short. If someone asked me how the planning was going, my response would be very short and polite. If someone keeps trying to talk about it, try to change the subject or simply say that you rather talk about something else right now! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take a break from such a huge event.

Those are just a few tips I’ve put together to help keep you calm, cool, and collected during your wedding planning. For more tips and details on how to put these tips into action, check out my video down below. Let me know in the comments if you’re currently planning your big day, and what has been keeping you relaxed during the process!




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