About Inside My Sole


Hello, My Name is Cristina…

Writing this “About Me” section reminds me of the good-old-days where on the first day of school, you would have to introduce yourself to the class. Did anyone else freeze like I did? Well, Here we go again.

My name is Cristina Bevilacqua-Greco and I am the creator of Inside My Sole, a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blog that I decided to throw together during college. I am a Fashion Business graduate from Toronto. During, literally, all of my spare time,  I love to explore the city and find the next best latte art in cute outfits with my camera in hand, devoting time to this blog. If there are potential photo ops and a marble table nearby, I’ll find it. I am quite the listener and people watcher. I dye my hair too much, buy way too much makeup for my own good, and online shop like it’s my day job.

All jokes aside, I find explaining myself a very awkward task (remind me to never write a biography). I wanted to thank you for getting this far in my “about me” section- that’s what I like to call dedication and loyalty. Trust me, I am way more interested in knowing what you’re all about so please share. It’s your turn.

Let’s Chit Chat.

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