Writing this “About Me” section reminds me of the good-old-days where on the first day of school, you would have to introduce yourself to the class. Did anyone else freeze like I did? Well, Here we go again.

My name is Cristina Greco and I am the creator of Inside My Sole, a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blog that I decided to throw together one special day last year, my birthday. I am currently studying Fashion at George Brown College in Downtown Toronto. During my breaks, I love to explore the city and find the next best latte art in cute outfits with my camera in hand. If there are potential photo ops and a marble table nearby, I’ll find it. I’m someone’s daughter, sister, wife, cousin, second cousin, third cousin (I’m Italian, so yes I know who my third cousins are). I am quite the listener and people watcher. I dye my hair too much, buy way too much makeup for my own good, and online shop like it’s my day job.

All jokes aside, I find explaining myself a very awkward task (remind me to never write a biography). I wanted to thank you for getting this far in my “about me” section as that’s what I call dedication and loyalty. Trust me, I am way more interested in knowing what you are all about so please share. It’s your turn.

xo. cristina greco