Top 5 Trends I'm Excited to Try this Winter

Anyone else feel like their closet needs a good refresher or is that just me? After buying so many things for others during the holidays, I just want to splurge and buy myself a new wardrobe! A girl can dream. I know we’re right spank in the middle of Winter, but there are just so many trends I want to try this year that I couldn’t help but share. Besides, with all the retailers looking to make room for their Spring collections, there are some amazing sales that I am more then willing to take part in.

  1. Hair Clips

I love them and need them in every single blingy way possible. It’s also safe to say I’m horrible with doing my hair and need to spruce it up sometimes without being so extreme like chopping it all off or dying it red.

2. Bold Suit Sets

There’s just something about a bad ass suit set. It’s a trend I’m totally on board and I think is here to stay.

3. Printed Tights

The second I saw the printed Gucci tights, I knew this trend would be all over the place and for good reason. They can instantly turn your LBD up a few chic notches.

4. Logo Sweaters

I would be lying if I said I was on board with this since the beginning. I was constantly wondering why does one need to scream at the top of there lungs that they are wearing a Balenciaga sweater? But the more I saw those sweaters, the more I wanted to just pick one up! I don’t know what it is, but they add such an edge to an outfit- I’m obsessed.

5. Embellished Loafer Heels

Random, I know. I remember around last Spring where these shoes were all over the map. Anyone recall the GG Marmont Loafer heels? How can we forget. I find a good loafer heel is the perfect touch to a classic denim pant outfit, or a cute midi skirt. The options are endless and it’s time I take part in them!

Which trend are you excited for this year? List them in the comments!