My Winter Skincare Routine

I’m going to start this off by saying the perhaps, not so obvious: I’m a skincare junkie. There’s nothing I love more than trying out new skincare products. Seeing what really works and what is just a beauty fad is something I live for. Thank goodness that Sephora gives testers, because wow they are necessary. Honestly, who has the funds to keep up with all of the new skincare products to hit the market?

When it comes to my skincare routine, my strategy is to switch it up according to the extremities of the season. So pretty much, every Winter and Summer, my skincare gets a little facelift. If you live in Canada, you know how extreme our seasons are. It could be a scorching hot summer day in September, and then a week later there’s an extreme cold weather alert. Enough about our depressing climate, I’m going to give you a few dets about my skin before I go ahead and tell you what I’ve been using lately.

My Skin Type

  • combination to dry

  • suffer from redness

  • purple under-eyes

  • constantly look swollen…lol I probably eat too much salt but thought I’d throw that in there

I’m constantly trying to incorporate products that are going to give my skin a healthy glow from within, keep my redness at bay, brighten my under-eyes, and keep my skin hydrated. These are the steps that I take that have been working for me and the exact products I’ve been using & loving!

Step 1: Cleanse

Whenever I’m on the lookout for a cleanser, I’m always looking for something that will give my skin a deep cleaning. None of that gentle bullshit. The only thing about some of the deep cleansers out on the market is that sometimes my skin will feel like all the water has been sucked out of it, which is obviously no beuno. The Olehenriksen The Clean Truth Face Foaming Cleanser is perfect because it feels very light during application, but once it’s been washed away, my skin feels clean, super hydrated and brightened. Just what I need during these dryer months!

2. Toner

For the longest time, I thought using a toner was such a useless step. Now, I can’t imagine my routine without it. I’ve been using the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner for the last couple of years and it’s definitely one of the only products in my skincare routine that I keep on repurchasing. It’s so refreshing to apply right after washing your face + it smells like vanilla coconuts. It’s a-maz-ing. I love how this products soothes my skin and keeps all the redness that I tend to get controlled.

3. Serum

Serums are a MUST. If you are not using a serum yet, you should definitely try out a few! Think about what your skin really needs, and find the serum that will work wonders for you! I’ve been using the Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum and wow…this product is incredible! I think I made it pretty clear in this post that I’m always looking for that healthy glow. This product gives that daily dose of glow that I’m always thirsty for. It has AHA, BHA, and anti-oxidants, all of which help get rid of the dead skills that are masking your glowing skin. That being said, this isn’t a product that I use every single day. I use this about 3-4 times a week. It comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s definitely worth it.

4. Face Oil

I’m not a face oil person. In fact, I used to hate them, and honestly, I kind of still do. Because I have combination skin most of the time, I’ve always thought that the use of oil be counterintuitive. All I ever do is try to not get oily so it just didn’t make any sense. But here’s the deal…when I started using the Resurfacing Serum, I was overly using it and my skin was not agreeing with it. It was starting to flake, which was a no-go. I found that when I added the Peter Thomas Roth Green Releaf Calming Oil to my routine, my skin felt so much more hydrated and it completely stopped flaking. This product is amazing because it is infused with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil that helps relieve redness and inflammation, which is what my skin was desperately calling out at me for. I’ll add a drop of this everyday into my face cream, and it does wonders.

5. Moisturizer

Now, for the most important step in my skincare routine during the winter months…moisturizer. Nothing feels better then dousing your face in a water-based moisturizer. It literally feels like your face is drinking a huge glass of water. I absolutely love the Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Moisturizer mainly becomes of how light it feels on my skin and how hydrated my skin feels directly after using it. With it’s Hungarian botanicals including peony extract and rosemary extract, it has the power to reduce the look of fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone, leaving your skin feeling and looking healthier and brighter.

6. Eye Cream

Alright, so here’s the last product that I always use in my routine, and its my Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. Wow guys, this stuff is honestly a miracle worker. This product gives you automatic results the second you put it on your under-eyes. My under-eyes are instantly brighter and refreshed, its incredible. It’s formulated with coffee beans (yum), ginseng, and magnolia extract that help rapidly wake you up and feel refreshed. It has all the effects that a coffee would have on you, in cream form.

Some Stand Out Products That You Need to Try

Quickly before you leave, I wanted to give a little shoutout to some other products that have been such amazing additions to my morning routine.

  1. Kopari Coconut Charcoal Toothpaste: If your someone who is looking for a natural toothpaste thats fluoride free, this product is an amazing option! Kopari just launched their toothpaste collection and I was so excited to try out both of their toothpastes. The charcoal toothpaste is amazing for whitening your teeth, and strengthening your enamel, which is what I was looking for in a toothpaste. I drink way too much coffee for my own good, so having a whitening toothpaste is super important to me. This one is a keeper.

  2. Kopari Deodorant: Aka, the ONLY natural deodorant that actually works! Seriously guys, I’ve tried so many natural deodorants (goodbye aluminum), and this one is the only one that will surpass my craziest of days. Here are some perks: its not sticky, its clear, it smells heavenly, and it actually lasts. Honestly, how perfect does this product sound?

Woah that was a lot! Thanks for sticking around, friends. If you have any questions about the products I’ve been using, let me know! I’m by no means a skincare pro, but I do love trying out products so I can definitely be of some help :).

See you guys in the next post!